Uncle Sam’s Rap Sheet

The definition of ‘rap sheet’: Slang. a record kept by law-enforcement authorities of a person’s arrests and convictions.   Most of the facts of the US Government’s 238 year crime spree are in plain sight, yet propaganda, indoctrination, religious and public education programming makes facts disappear under an on going assault against critical thinking, reasoning and skepticism against elite criminal rule.  If you look further into the past of what is considered civilized society, we find torture, lynching, burning at the stake, and every hideous possible means of silencing decent against the powers that be.  Directly below is an important video explaining how people are trained to submit to the reign of terror:

The following is something I will update and hopefully WE will perfect it. I call it “Uncle Sam’s Rap Sheet” because it expresses historically the truthfully criminal nature of the US Government as the elitist’s weapon of war against the populous enslaving the masses to their infinite greed and lust for power.  Once the majority realize these facts, we have no choice but to demand that a new legitimate government be formed or else it is we that will be held responsible for the crimes perpetrated in our names. So here is my case against them so far:    http://wethepeoplerule.net/?page_id=125

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This is what is done with our money in our names:

So you don’t think 9/11 was an inside job?

The next referendum in the works is to demand an independent investigation into the Pentagon just prior to 9/11 when Donald Rumsfeld was on TV stating that 2 trillion dollars were missing from the Pentagon, possible involvement in the perfect storm and justification of war profiteering that 9/11 is and we should also investigate the wars and war profiteering during the wars conducted in the name of 9/11.

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End the FED

Referendum to Repeal the Federal Reserve Act

   The Fiscal Cliff was an illusion  and Sequestration is a crime. The establishment has used the monetary system to enslave us for centuries. In fact once you study banking and finance you will understand that the current US government consists of puppet lap dogs that answer to the international bankers rather than ‘We The People”, being the majority of US citizens. After financing both sides of every war since the conception of the United States and bastardizing commerce with their monetary system monopoly to benefit their greed and lust, the bankers say we owe them a national debt. Now they figure they are entitled to take away our benefits to pay them in labor for the FIAT money they created out of nowhere by slight of hand mystical boga boo. The fiscal cliff is a crock, we owe them less than nothing, in fact the bankers owe us for almost a century of illegal immoral monetary system monopolization and war profiteering. Where do I begin? By backing up what I’m writing with facts.

Yes, we, our government won the Revolutionary war, then they sold us out to the enemy but they neglected to properly inform us of the fact that the leaders of the day, February 25, 1791, signed a charter with international bankers through which they agreed to pay back money they borrowed to fight the war and also let the “private” international European bankers establish the First Bank in the US. Right off this 20 year charter to giving a monopoly of the US monetary system to the likes of Rothchilds was a crime against the Constitutional rights and guarantees granted to the people of this nation. Look it up. By 1811 the fledgling US government had temporarily gained balls so they voted not to renew the charter. The following quotes along with the result being the war of 1812 are proof that the interests of international bankers are not in the best interests of the majority of US citizens: “Either the application for renewal of the charter is granted, or the United States will find itself involved in a most disastrous war.” ,”Teach those impudent Americans a lesson. Bring them back to colonial status.” – Nathan Mayer Rothschild, 1811

The first mention of money in the Constitution is at Article 1 section 8 clause one “To borrow Money on the credit of the United States;” so what is my beef? Clause 2 gives the congress the authority to regulate commerce. How can they accomplish that when they gave away the control of the monetary system to private interests? The next mention of money is the fourth clause of section 8 where congress, elected officials we can get rid of every other year, are to coin and regulate the value of money, not private for profit bankers. On to Article 1, Section 9, clause 7, “No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time.” Under this vast criminal enterprise called the Federal Reserve, there is no public money, just public debt. Finally on to the next clause, “ No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States:”, once you understand that Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve is also on the board of the Bank of International Settlements you will understand why I know there is no national debt because the Federal Reserve has been operating as an unconstitutional criminal enterprise since we were sold out by our de facto lap dog government almost 100 years ago on December 23, 1913.

The first thing the banker shills will do, once this gets off of my computer and onto the world wide web, is install fear into you,  all “your” money will disappear. A monetary system controlled by the people will lead to communism, duh.  In response, ending the Federal Reserve international banker monopoly of US monetary system does not mean there will no longer be an international banking system. All it means is they will no longer be in control and owners of public monies.  The plan is that private banking will remain pretty much as it is. If anything adding public currency to the monetary system will stabilize the private system.  They already bailed themselves out with public funds and added over 16.1 trillion dollars to their supply of money while setting consumer interest payments on their savings to near zero rates.  The US national debt  cannot and should not be paid back to the same people who have profited off of it in the first place

Therefore it is our duty to our children, our Nation and ourselves to sign onto a referendum demanding an end to the private monopoly of our monetary system and to develop a constitutionally valid monetary system controlled by people we ourselves elect through popular majority vote. We owe this even to all the people of the planet as a whole to organize here in the USA into the force that we are, an honest majority of this land, a good hardworking loving diverse people. We owe it to ourselves to declare that there is no national debt. We owe the international banker cabal less than nothing. We the majority, with by means of this referendum, when it reaches 62 million signatures, hereby declare the national debt void. We the People shall instruct our government to print money directly from the US Treasury backed by on our collective wealth and resources as a nation, a revised plan of taxation and the fair exchange of goods and services rather than usury. We shall overcome.

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Demand a Constitutional Convention

In all due respect and honesty, the founding fathers of the United States held slaves and practiced genocide against the Native peoples. They did a great job of protecting the rights of themselves as wealthy land and business owners yet very little for the general public. The struggle between the workers and the owners of industry in the late 1800′s and Early 1900′s where the government backed the companies, exemplifies the deficiencies within the founding documents   One of the first things the government did was to sell us out to the international private banking cartel of the day, which careful reading of Article 1, Section 8, clauses 3 & 5, Section 9, clauses 7 & 8 among others prove such a private banking charter to be an unconstitutional action . Yes some will argue that Article 1, Section 8, clause 2 allows the government to borrow money from the Federal Reserve but I argue giving private owners a monopoly to a private for profit banking cabal is not withing the realm of the government borrowing money from a private bank. Therefore the whole government has been unconstitutional and criminal from the beginning. A careful study of the wars this derelict de facto government got us involved in will prove the international bankers funded both sides and have also been heavily vested in and being owners of the industry of munitions and weapons manufacture and sale. So now once again, after another decade of continuous war with huge profits unimaginable to the average American our nation is in economic shambles. The stooges this cabal class has selected with their money and their spoils of war to protect their ill gotten gain are put forth as properly elected representatives. In reality the government officials are knowingly selling the majority of Americans down the river; joining the narcissistic greedy self centered lot of criminals they are. There is no process in the constitution for we the people to truly participate and choose how we want to be organized as a nation. Notice I did not say, to be ruled, I said to be organized, big difference.

The two party system in the United States has morphed into a one party system bringing about a government bought and paid for by a minority of people who have monopolized the monetary system, instigated wars to facilitate their profit at the expense of the majority of US citizens. This class of people have exported our nation’s jobs and means of production to increase their profits through the use of the cheapest unregulated labor, in places least hampered by environmental regulations. The international bankers have allowed currency exchange rates to be rigged to favor imports and destroy the US economy. The vast majority of elected officials are in on the take. If we want to save our nation we the people must do it ourselves. Therefore we must demand that a national people’s referendum process be added to our constitution and the whole constitution be considered, edited and re-validated. We the signatories of this referendum hereby demand that a Constitutional Convention be held in accordance with Article 5 of the US Constitution for the purposed described above and any additional purpose that the majority of signatories see fit.

Therefore there is no recourse no redress and no place within the current established system to seek remedy. If one or two or even a dozen band together and physically fight against them, their news media reduced to propaganda networks will surely brand them as lunatic criminals and nobody will know the difference. So what is the solution? The first step is to realize that polls and indicators of national sentiment regularly record over 80% distrust and dissatisfaction with our government. Therefore all we have to do is organize. This does not mean pout and scream, protest or any of that. Even at the start of the Iraq war when nearly a million protesters gathered to express that they opposed our nation going into Iraq. The war mongers, so beyond a reasonable doubt, guilty of war profiteering, crimes against humanity and nation, laughed at the millions knowing they had all the government bought and paid for. What we need to do is demonstrate that we truly have a majority on the side of real change toward a direct participatory democracy, backed by true egalitarian principles, with some of great ideals in the preamble of the constitution, such as life liberty and pursuit of happiness for all, not the few. We will begin by gathering signatures, toward a majority referendum, not a powerless petition. We will start strictly over the internet at first then as we near our goal, volunteers will gather paper signatures and enter them into a mirrored giant We-the-people-rule web site and database they cannot destroy or stop. Please, for your family and friends, for our children’s children, join us and sign, the Referendum to Demand a Constitutional Convention. We hope you also consider signing onto our End the FED Referendum.

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